Three Legged Thing Brackets Hit The Shop

on December 16, 2018
I always love to see Three Legged Thing products - they are colourful in a world that is becoming just black, silver, and grey. Like little sports cars on the road in bright paint jobs - they make photography fun. These Three Legged Thing QRII LC brackets make it more steady too - they are anodized aluminium L-brackets that will fit many DSLR and mirrorless cameras. I found orange and blue and there may be green available as well. The bracket is essentially Arca-Swiss size but has been made universal for most cameras. The side piece can be unbolted from the baseplate if you only want a bottom rail - though I often use the side rail on my bracket in the studio when a portrait-mode picture is needed. There are several threaded sockets in strategic places and very sturdy strap attachment points at the top and side. I use a wide woven cotton strap on mine. Note as well, the rubber non-slip grip at the bottom of the baseplate should protect the finish on your camera. The included carabiner is possibly intended to attach to a backpack strap...but you must make your own plans for it.