Tiny, Green, and Cheap - And On The Level

on February 14, 2016

In an never-ending quest to find the smallest and lightest accessories for you, we have hit upon this little gem.

It's a tiny ball level that you slide onto the hot shoe of your mirror-less camera for when you want flat horizons. If you're going to take landscapes - and in particular if you are going to go out capturing a series of shots for a panorama - you need this.

Big deal? You might not think it if you see a set of bubble levels on your tripod, but sometimes those levels are placed there as a sales incentive without being a photo aid. If the camera is not level, the whole thing is pointless, and sometimes the makers put the tripod levels on bits that are just not going to help - you need a bubble level on the camera itself to get what you want.

It weighs about nothing and doesn't cost much more - and if you plan to use the on-board flash anyway you can reserve the hot shoe for this level. I'd say this it the tourist's best friend when it comes to seascapes or pictures of the surroundings at Zanthus*...

* The mountains. Oh the glorious Nullarbor Alps at Zanthus...words fail me...