Tripod Bags - Are They Just For Appearance?

on September 28, 2015

We sell tripods. And we sell tripod accessories; plates for the top, ballheads for the middle, and spiked feet for the bottom. Occasionally we sell a tripod bag, but sometimes I wonder why - and other times I wonder why we do not sell one with each tripod.

The bag has two main functions : One; it lets you carry a tripod that is bigger than necessary a longer distance than you need to - and without dislocating your shoulder. Two; it disguises your tripod on the tarmac as you look out of the airplane window and the fuel tanker runs over it.

This is the same with golf bags, but with them you can at least wear funny jumpers and spend the late afternoon drinking - with landscape photography you need to be alert for the magic minutes of dying sunlight over the seashore or silos. Tripod bags are altogether soberer items.

Manfrotto make them with a startling ends for the three-way heads that go on their large tripods. As these three-way heads are most useful for landscapers this is the choice of their choice.

Cullmann make a whole series of them for their tripods, ranging from the Concept 622 to the 632. Some are compact and some are big padded affairs - they are also very useful for going inside suitcases ( if you really can't bear to see the ground crew crush it ) and can be hauled on the top of backpacks or slung under bicycle cross-bars.

If you can find another from someone else and it fits...well it can at least hold the tripod - but we can't say that it would provide the same protection. You could knit one, and we know people who do, but there again it is style over security - still, an ugly brown tripod bag to match your ugly brown jumper means you won't be bothered by thieves.