v1.02 becomes v1.10 - And The Crowd Goes Wild!

on December 01, 2015

If you own a Nikon D750 camera and some Nikon lenses you will have spent the last year taking superb digital images. Now Nikon have released new firmware improvements that will permit you to take superb images. The download from Nikon is at:


Allow me to make a comment on that at the end of this column, but for now here is the Nikon press release information about the update. The main improvements are:

An external recording option has been added to the HDMI in the set-up menu of the camera.
Some help text has been changed.
Optimal vibration reduction now available with VR lenses.

In addition there have been some issues fixed:

Brightness of LV display previously not changing when a command dial was rotated to adjust exposure compensation with On(Auto reset) selected for b Metering/exposure>b3Easy exposure compensation>Easy exposure compensation in the CUSTOM SETTING MENU.

Maximum aperture indicator previously not appearing in the monitor although the preview button was stoping the lens down to maximum aperture when assigned to the Preview role.

Shutter previously not being released when the user attempted to take photographs in movie live view.

About 4 seconds of static previously heard on audio recorded with external HDMI recorders during movie live view.

Difference between the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO sensitivity displayed in the monitor during the movie live view and the values in the final movie file.

Part of the focus point disappearing if the framing grid was displayed during zooming in.

Volume not adjusted if movies were played with indicators hidden during full-frame playback.

Failure of the exposure compensation when a negative value was selected when NEF(RAW) images were processed using the NEF(RAW) processing option in the RETOUCH MENU.

Failure of images recorded with HDR( high dynamic range ) selected in the SHOOTING MENU.

Overexposure of every frame after the first taken during interval timer photography when ON was selected for Exposure Smoothing.

Incorrect assignment of file numbers.

Focus point previously not displaying in the correct location in the monitor.

Characters or parts of characters missing from the SETUP MENU in some languages.

A good tally - but if any of the foregoing has startling grammatical or syntax errors, please be away it is copied verbatim. If any of it assuages your deepest hurt, we rejoice for you.

Puzzled note: For years people in Australia have been chiding me on my spelling of the word center - they insist that it be spelled centre. But they refuse to pronounce it as the French do - "Sontra ". They snort at me when I point out that there was an Entertainment Center and not an Entretainment Centre down on Wellington Street. Yet I see that Nikon - ostensibly a Japanese firm - has the word as center in their web address.

My brain hurts. Or is that Hertz?