Walk Round The New Nikon Lens

on July 21, 2015

Just when you thought there was nothing new on the shelf to write about...the ordering department brings down a new Nikon DX lens.

DX is the smaller-frame Nikon DSLR format - so in the current flurry of FX cameras and lenses it might be thought to be missed out. Not by Nikon - they have a remarkably large range of DX-sized lenses to match their cameras and photographers need to remember their advantages.

It is wrong to compare apples to oranges but everyone does on the internet before they come here so I might as well do it too I have owned apples, I now shoot on oranges. I have shot for many years on pears and still retain an complete watermelon outfit in my studio.

Right now, DSLR cameras are faster at sports shooting than mirrorless. Sad, but true, and if you need to capture peak of action exactly right each time with individual shots you will have a better chance on a DSLR. I know - I have to box clever to do things with my mirror-less system that I formerly gave no thought to. Score one for Nikon DSLR.

In comparison to FX, DX uses less memory. Less processing power, time, and bad language. Score two for Nikon DX.

If you need depth of field, DX delivers more than FX does. Score three for Nikon DX.

If you need light weight, Nikon DX scores over Nikon FX. But it is about the same as mirror-less. Score a draw.

Okay - now the pitch. Nikon have a new medium-range DX lens - 16mm to 80mm. Now it has a max aperture of 2.8-4 so you get double the amount of light. It is solidly-built and functions very smoothly with any of the DX cameras. I should think it a perfect match to the D7200.

In stock right now. Here's a look.