Walking Away With Warwick And Fujifilm

on July 27, 2015

Thank Heaven for sunny Sundays. If the rest of the week is all rain and earthquakes at least we can do something fun on Sunday to refresh the soul.

Last Sunday saw a Photo Walk sponsored by Fujifilm Australia and Camera Electronic that started at the Shoot Photography workshops next door. We were entertained and educated by Warwick Williams from The Fujifilm trainin g team - he's a worldwide ambassador for the firm.

As you can imagine. with all their expertise in television lenses - the pictures you see every night are likely to have passed through a Fujinon lens - the photos seen in the video presentation were perfect. It was also made perfectly clear that Fujifilm can do everything with the APS-C sensor size that can be done. Those of us who use them new that already but we didn't know why - that's why these training sessions are so valuable.

Well, the visitors went out with Fujifilm cameras in their hands to tour the local streets and to try to find beauty and drama in the surrounding gutters and gardens. Fortunately for the ones carrying the longer lenses and the new X-T10 with the new focusing mechanism, there was a football game being played in the park opposite the pub. They got to stop action and catch colour while the rest of us did art.

If you get a chance to go on a photo walk with Fujifilm ( or other fine manufacturers...) take it. If the day is sunny you get photos and if it is not there is always the pub.