Wander In

on November 18, 2021
Remember I showed a shop in Hay Street Mall last year called " Wanderlust "? The one with all the cutting edge fun things? Well, I'll let you into a secret - it was by Camera Electronic. It's moved recently - and now it's right by Camera Electronic - they've shifted lock, stock, and lens barrel into premises next door to the CE Murray Street shop. Go west along Murray and the shop on the left as you look into the CE door is Wanderlust. The facade has lost the pink door that was a fixed feature of Hay Street Mall and now has more of the CE corporate image. Speaking of corporate images, I noted as I walked from the underground train station to CE that a number of fancy retailers - Louis Vuitton, Chanel, TAG Heuer, etc. have set up shops on Murray Street as well. Possibly trying to benefit from the prestige of being located near Camera Electronic. A wise business decision upon their parts and let us hope they do well. But back to Wanderlust. There seems more floor space in this location, but it has been purchased at the price of a major piece of work - they sawed a hole in the wall between the camera section and Wanderlust - a big hole. I can only imagine the state of the place while it was being done, though it looks clean and neat now. It would have been dangerous to visit earlier as there would have been a danger of being put to work... I can't say how much strict division will exist between the two premises - stock might flow back and forth between the two floors - the staff will be defending their display areas with vigour. I did note the provision of a serious and sophisticated security camera system in place. No doubt there are more secreted around the place - we had an old Hulcher a decade ago that may have recorded atomic bomb tests. Lovely camera, if slightly warm to the touch. Paid not to keep it too close to the film cabinet.