Wanderlust On Land

on November 21, 2021
If you are going to go somewhere, go to Wanderlust in Murray Street first. You may have more fun on your journey. Of course, not all journeys are fun, and not all travellers need to be happy as they go. Occasionally a prison transport van goes by on the road and I never hear merry voices singing rollicking songs about the life of crime. But that's not Wanderlust customers - they can have a bit of fun. The wheeled goods in the shop are dedicated to this. There are electric scooters, Segway balancing wheeled carts, electric bicycles, and what looks suspiciously like an electric trail bike. The sizes ( and presumably the prices ) grow as you get the more sophisticated wheels. Ans as you go faster, you pay more...and you also get closer to the laws of physics. Lots of wheeled carts and bikes can stop in a short space, and some can stop on a dime,...but they can ALL stop on a telephone pole. That is why Wanderlust sells helmets as well. Note that there are going to be some state and municipal laws that restrict the speed that smaller electric platforms can legally do on roads and footpaths - and that seek to regulate how the riders interact with other road users and pdestians. Like 'em or not, you'll still be bound by them if you are scooting. I am at a loss as to the legal status of the Ninebot gokart kit on the roads. Part of me suspects that you would be swept up by the law if you tried to drive it on the public roads. I got arrested by the Mounties ( the REAL Mounties ) in Wells, BC in 1962 for riding an unlicenced minibike to the grocery store and again by the WA Police for testing out a similarly unlicensed Vespa in Nedlands in '68. A two-time loser, I am not going to risk it again. I think this Ninebot electric kart would be a vehicle that would be restricted to private property or car parks after the other patrons had left. Or perhaps a special track. It looks to be a lot of fun, though, so if you've got a property or want to risk the magistrate, this is the thrill for you. I'm seeing charging ports, Bluetooth, and even a brake on it. Oh, the temptation...