Warm Welcome In A Cold Climate

on March 11, 2014
I came from Canada so I know snow. In Western Australia I have succeeded in avoiding it, but here in Japan it is still running rampant north of Tokyo. Today's visit to Yamagata was done though a pretty good covering of it, and I take my hat off to the the technicians working in the Panasonic lens factory up there for keeping on moulding lenses and barrel assemblies despite it.

The next time a customer comes in telling me their lens isn't sharp I am going to throw them out the door. The technical and the production workers who staff Yamagata go to enormous lengths to produce perfect products and have enough checks and balances to make sure it happens.

They are also human beings who have company break rooms, notice boards, and a company photo contest going at present amongst plant employees that proves they are either wonderful or terrible photographers. I've seen the prints!

Uncle Dick