West Australia 1964

on December 14, 2011
I am cynically amused when I see people walking into the shop wearing caps – whether or not they have the bill towards the front or towards the back. It is not their appearance that is funny – it is the recollection of walking down Hay Street in 1964 while wearing a baseball cap.

I wore the cap because it was very bright and hot in the street – and I took it off and lost it because I got laughed at by the other pedestrians. Apparently times and fashions change – but I’ll bet it is still bright and hot in Hay Street.

I am equally amused when someone comes into the shop and bewails the fact that the item they had seen for the last 3 months in our showcase has been sold and we cannot get any more. Welcome to 1964 Western Australia – I learned long ago that if you see a book, or a model car, or a new tee shirt that you fancy, you better buy it right then and there – the laws of retail in this town mean that if you pass it by, you will regret it.

So grab your purse and get down here. Wear a cap.