What? This Old Thing? I Just Threw It On...

on January 05, 2016

I have been old friends with this bit of equipment since I started work at Camera Electronic. It was made by Tamrac and a half dozen of them sat in the storage shelves upstairs for YEARS. I suspect it was because no-one knew what they actually were. I must admit I puzzled about them myself for a long time.

During this time I built up my own studio:

I added gear from all sorts of manufacturers - Manfrotto, Superior, Redwing, Promaster, etc. but often had no system for storage of the accessories. The clamps, knives, scissors, spigots, and whatever went from an overcrowded bureau drawer to IKEA cardboard boxes to an untidy pile on the studio product table. It was even worse when I took my studio on the road - nothing was where I needed it and quite a few little bits got lost.

Well that is exactly the sort of disorder that this thing was made to cure. It is a hanging studio organiser.
Made in three panels of tough nylon fabric, there are cross straps sewn at regular intervals into which you can hook most anything. The whole lot then dangles from a light stand, cross bar, or, with a little finagling, you can take the foot off an Autopole, slip the triangular tube up the pole, and then replace the foot. Your junk is right there beside you as you set up a shot.

There's still four of them left at the back of the shop amongst the light stands. Give 'em honourable employment - they're only $ 20 each & feel welcome to browse our studio lighting range via our online shop by clicking here.