When It All Goes To...Queensland...In A Handbasket

on February 03, 2015

Following on from our previous blog about a disaster averted, here is one that deals with the situation when disaster arrives, unpacks its bags, and sets up a deckchair and an esky - in short when things really do go wrong.

If you have a camera/lens/flash that becomes wet/crushed/scratched/full of sand/abused...and it is unintentional...then the Mack company may well be your best friend ever.

Photo equipment is sold with proprietary warranties here in Australia. They vary from one year onwards for new equipment - some manufacturers have two-years or even longer. Good deal - if your new camera has a manufacturing flaw, they will make it good. But they have no responsibility to do so if you drop it down the blowhole in Albany.

Well, that is where a mack warranty comes in. Call it insurance, call it a bet, call it an invitation to Fate...but if you need to cash in on it, you are in a far better position than if you didn't have it. Sort of like a Ruger Redhawk...

They will cover the cameras and lenses - but also printers, projectors, and other photographic equipment. They base their prices on the sales price of the gear and the terms are world-wide. There is 24/7 support online as well.

If you'd like to read more, the site is:


Needless to say, we have their warranties for sale here at our shop. Not that we are trying to hex you, but just sayin'...