Where is it?

on December 15, 2011
I’ve just fielded a call from a person who wanted to know if a piece of equipment had arrived. It hadn’t, and as it had been ordered for a fortnight there was considerable anger. Unfortunately by late afternoon the wholesaler’s office in the eastern states was closed, so no more information regarding the whereabouts of the equipment was forthcoming. I’m afraid the wholesaler will be getting the next angry call in the morning, but not from us.

You see, we realize that with the current disasters and uncertainties in Asia and the ongoing difficulties that it creates for Australian distributors, delays may be inevitable.

We are going to try to stop ourselves from feeling frustrated, and we hope that our customers can achieve this too. I’m afraid it would do no good to badger the wholesalers – they may be facing real delays and pressures from their head offices in Japan and China and in their turn can only supply what comes to them.

Rest assured we don’t baulk you of your desires willingly – we are in the hands of fate.