Woo Hoo! Here Comes Houndstooth! And Tamron!

on June 08, 2015
Many of us have been bitten by the photo bug in our time. I am willing to bet that Alex Cearns - the photographer at Houndstooth Studios in North Perth - has been bitten by lots of other critters as well...

She'll be telling us how she got started and what equipment she uses - Tamron lenses will figure largely in the presentation - and showing some of the great images that come from her studio. Not just dog and cat pics, but Professional dog and cat pics...and a lot more as well.

The WA Account manager for Tamron will also be there to talk Tamron.

It's to be at the Shoot Photography Workshops - 232 Stirling Street, Perth from 10:00 AM to mid-day on Saturday, 20th of June and you can register now as it is a free event.

Pop on over to the Camera Electronic website and put your name down. We can't guarantee that there will be cute puppies and kittens but I would still bet on it.