Worth Travelling To See - Steve Scalone And The Canon AIPP Awards

on October 22, 2015

This is a column written in a fit of jealousy. The equivalent of an electronic tantrum. You see, one of our staff members got to do something and see something that I would have loved to experience....and I can only report it at secondhand*

The Digital Show has just finished in Melbourne. Our shop sent over a dedicated crew of sales people, stock controller, company directors, and the IT man - he's the one who is normally trying to figure out why the computer screen has gone all blue...It would have been a nice break for him to see other people's screens go blue. They showed Hoodman, Lens Coat, Cullmann, and lots of other goodies to the Victorian masses.

Aside from all this, the Canon company in conjunction with the AIPP holds annual awards for photographers upon a national scale. Camera Electronic was able to sponsor an award this year in the category of Australian Travel Photographer Of The Year - 2015.

This year the award has gone to Steve Scalone - a man based in Melbourne but who evidently travels world-wide for professional photography. Just how good he is can be judged by two investigations - you can go to his website at:


or pursue the Canon AIPP web page that details this year's travel award. I googled both of them and am delighted I did. I'll pass over the commercial images from his site - though they are so good as to increase the fit of jealousy - and heap praise on the pictures presented in the travel section that garnered him the award.

They are imaginative - so far from the normal run of tourist shot as to leave reportage and enter art. They are colourful and powerful - even in the case of the snow shot that has no colour. They are perfectly timed - look at the image of the brick towers. They are imminently rewarding.

Well, he got the award - Same Perejuan from our sales team was able to be present to see that - and he deserved it. And here is a picture taken by our Camera Electronic reporter of the actual hand over:

Yep. No picture. A shop full of cameras and people who know how to use them and...nada. Guys, next Digital Show take your blog columnist along with you. He has a camera and a memory card. And a case of jealousy.

* Well, we're licensed secondhand dealers...