Yes, It Works - The Fujifilm Square

on April 07, 2015

Yes, it works.

The experiment mooted in yesterday's post - shooting a jpeg with a square format but leaving the Fujifilm X-pro1 to record a full RAW file as a 3:2 image is a success.

The camera sees a square, shows me a square in the electronic viewfinder, but preserves the whole thing for later dissection through the RAW converter of Silkypix DS6. I can choose a square image or any other aspect I need when converting. If there is a line of dancers I have still captured them all.

Now individual dancers will have enough space around them to be projected on a square screen. It is almost like the days of the dear old 500 C/M and the 80mm Planar lens. Except I get to see what I've got at the start of the job without using the instant film packs.