" You Had One Job "

on September 18, 2022
We've all seen some social media meme like this - showing some abject failure that we can laugh at. What if we showed you a focussed success? This Sunwayfoto LB-90 Levelling Base is...is... is just that and nothing more. There it sits in Murray street doing the only job it has - levelling up a camera. The bottom of it goes onto your tripod. Standard socket - 3/8" - no surprises. The top of it attaches to your tripod head, or panoramic turntable, or camera base - 1/4" screw - no surprises. The middle bit is a bowl that lets you tilt 15º in any direction and then lock with a twist of the chrome levers around the edge. Again no surprises. You won't break it - it supports 25 Kg weight. It is smooth and locks firmly. There is an in-built bubble level to tell you when the top is actually level with the horizon. The person who wants to take accurate panoramic shots that will stitch perfectly in their computer can set it onto the tripod legs and then add a turntable. Result will be a perfect horizon. Someone who wants to operate a video pan or tilt from horizontal can start from this leveller and know as the shot develops that they will not be rising or sinking. The architectural shooter or art copyist can use it " plain vanilla " with just a camera on top for a perfect no-tilt perspective. One job - done. Done right. If governments were this straightforward and competent we'd all live happier lives.