10 Kilowatt Steve McQueen

on February 03, 2022
And the only thing that prevents Dom from jumping fences in the Bavarian countryside right now are the emigration laws. He's got the perfect ride for the job sitting right next door to the Murray Street CE shop - the Surron Storm Bee F electric dirt bike. It's so exciting that they've had to tie it down and warn people not to climb aboard. I was in taking pictures and even I was tempted... The bike is all-electric, with a 96 V 10 W power plant and battery mounted on the frame. The drive seems to be conventional - chain and sprocket - but Thomas tells me there is no clutch - you just twist the throttle, gun and go. There is even a power take-off socket for your music... Speaking of sound, I have never heard one of these bikes in operation - I suspect it would be a lot less of a noise polluter than some of the petrol ones that you hear in the bush. If discretion on the trail is your thing, consider this as a way to get it. But be aware that if someone cannot hear you coming, they may have no signal to get up out of the way in time. Note the conventional brakes and pretty large discs. You can still use the traditional way of stopping a trail bike - a tree - but these make it a lot more comfortable and you can stop more than once. Be a sensible citizen and act safely - if you kill yourself on this thing everyone is going to be sad about the bike, and that's a real downer. The styling is cool, and the seat is narrow, and you're going to be uncomfortable if you want to ride to Adelaide on it - coz you'd be to be riding for weeks on the side of the road, or you'd be picked up by the Mounties. This is not a road bike - no lights, no instruments. Reserve it for your wilder moments. We have not asked Dom about wilder moments - no-one is game to approach him...