A Bit Of Elegance - New Angles On A New Fujifilm

on May 14, 2015

Pardon the rather arty angles seen in the illustrations - I was reading a book on Rodchenko last night and his images have stuck in my head. At least you are spared marching text and slogans...

Well, almost. " Fujifilm - The Camera For The Masses! "...No? Okay -" Fujifilm X-A2 -The Camera For The Rather Elegant Masses! "....Better?

Joking aside, the new Fujifilm X-A2 is in store right now and it is a great addition to the X-Series cabinet. It comes in at the economical end of the X-series system cameras - it forgoes the optical or electronic viewfinder of some of the other cameras but provides one of the new two -part LCD screens that folds in several directions. There is a fine XC-16-55 lens in silver finish and best of all - a ll the bells and whistles on the operational panel.

Special programs
Helper icons
Advanced setting
Custom setting
Flux capacitor*

You can enjoy yourself immensely with these as you lay down the Fujifilm colours. You'll like them so much that you'll come back and purchase more Fujifilm X lenses. I know. I did.

* Where's the boom? There should be an enormous kerboom...

Uncle Dick

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