A Colourless Sort Of Post...

on August 02, 2016

For a colourless sort of product. But you could see through that headline - it was transparent...

Very few of us buy camera accessories based upon this sort of criteria. We want stuff that is cutting-edge, exotic, sexy. bright, and trendy. Stuff that we can boast to the brother-in-law about and that will make us irresistible to ladies...

A bit of clear glass just doesn't do it. Yet, if you have ever pulled a digital camera out of a hastily -packed camera bag with a giant and permanent scratch on the LCD screen, you may wish you had heeded.

Scratches are possible on nearly all LCD screens. Oh, some premium makers will incorporate sapphire crystal-like covers for their screens as a part of a very expensive camera design. Good for them and their buyers, but what of the rest of us? Are we doomed to destroy our screens?

No, we're not. Given that there will some disaster coming to any camera user, the Larmor people have come up with a sensible answer for a sensible price - the stick-on glass screen.

These are multi coated screens with frames around the edges that will adhere to the backs of many popular cameras. The shop has specific ones for a number of the high-quality DSLR and mirror-less system cameras we sell, and they are under the $ 40 mark each.

There's careful instructions about cleaning the LCD screen and making sure that then Parlour protective screen has an oil and dust-free base to go over. it is a job that is best done sober, but once it is on you will not be able to foul the LCD screen or gouge the surface. You won't be putting a thick mattress of plastic on either - these are slim-line.

I noted Canon, Nikon and Sony screens as I looked through the rack, and i daresay there are more at the back. It's a cheap insurance policy that you don't need to keep the payments up on!

Camera Electronic - 230 Stirling St, Perth 6000