A Delicate Matter

on August 21, 2012
Ah, Ahem.

Umm, Errr...Ahem.

I'm afraid I need to raise a delicate matter with you. The time has come to discuss the facts of life. You're a grown-up now and we really should not keep these things from you any longer. How shall I begin...?

You see there are these birds and these bees, and they are outside in Nature. We are inside in a camera shop and we are buying and selling photographic equipment. Am I clear so far?

Well when we sell you photographic gear we need to do it for more money than we spend on it ourselves. We need to pay wages, rates, utilities, taxes and other expenses for the shop as well as pay our wholesalers for the actual equipment. You need to assist with this process by spending a fair price for the equipment you purchase, particularly as you may also require special services - repairs, advice, troubleshooting, etc.

Sometimes if you are a very regular customer or a member of a group that spends a great deal of money, a small discount might apply for some sales. Note the words sometimes, small, and might - we are not talking about the Rights Of Man or statute law here. Remember that commercial requirement oversees all shop activity.

Consider yourself whether a discount expectation is reasonable - for instance, should you tell us that you are a poor struggling student and demand below cost pricing on a Leica M9-P? Don't snort - I've heard this myself, and been further amazed when the poor student pulled out a wad of cash...

Likewise, ask yourself if being angry is a sensible approach to trade. Granted, it s a lot of fun to dominate others, and a great relief from the stress of traffic and taxes, but will it get you the engagement and sympathy that you hope for? The staff are required by discipline and convention to maintain a respectful demeanour toward you, but wouldn't it be better if it was genuine respect?

There now, that wasn't so hard. I'll be back to tell you about the birds and the bees later. For now just remember that one sings and one stings.