A ( Leica ) Walk In The Sun

on October 17, 2015

Saturday afternoon in Perth used to be dead - the only life was in the cinema matinees and the pubs. How times have changed.

Disregarding the stores being open and trying to get more buyers - and the coffee shops and restaurants being open and trying to get more eaters - this last Saturday saw a dedicated band of photo enthusiasts following Dom and Dick on a Leica Photo Walk around Supreme Court Gardens.

The walk started at the Perth Town Hall with a volunteer guide - in case we got lost - and wended down to the gardens along Barrack Street. For some reason it is fenced off but then it never was all that spectacular. Thank goodness they haven't moved old Forrest from the Terrace and even Ritter's Pole is still up - something for the visitors to picture.

A great deal of photography in this area is pointed up at various angles. Looking down is risky - you get to see the Elisabeth Quay development site in all its industrial glory. Perhaps it will be the subject of a Photo Walk when completed.

The gardens themselves are fascinating - who would have thought of fencing off a bamboo grove for the benefit of a raven. At least the enthusiasts who had smaller cameras had the benefit of macro shots and shady trees to give some punch to their pictures. And we cannot fault the work of the civic gardeners either - they had flowers at every corner of the area and no-one missed out on colour.

Note the picture of Dom using the M-series Leica. If you are going to stroll and bring home good images we cannot think of a more appropriate street - or garden - camera.