A Quick Look Inside the Shop.

on October 28, 2009
I brought my trusty Canon G10 to work today and snapped a few photos around the shop. Yes I am jealous of the shiny new G11. The high iso performance on the G11 is incredible for such a small camera and the flip out screen is a great idea that would make it easier to shoot in all kinds of tricky situations. Oh well I shall keep on saving my pennies.
This is just some of the new and demo stock we carry. Here you can see Nikon, Canon, Sigma, Tokina and Tamron products.
Take a look at our new studio display we set up last week. There is just so many awesome lighting kits and light modifiers here it's tricky to even get them all on display. Come in and have a look.
Is this soft box bigger than you?
This reflector might be.
Some of our large range of printing paper.
The film fridge. You remember film right? Yes that is Polaroid film you can see down in the bottom right. We have the cameras too. Don't be stingy come in and buy one as a funky gift for someone this Christmas. Instant satisfaction has never been easier than with Polaroid.
Lastly for this post here is my boss Mr Saul "The Saulman" Frank showing some of the great Lastolite products to photographic sensation Stefan Gosatti.