A Victory For Common Sense - Lowepro m-Trekker

on April 02, 2018
You might wonder at the title - common sense being so...well...common. But consider that this has not always been so - particularly in the camera bag market. I'll leave aside the advertising flak about some bags and cases that we've seen in the past. Eco-this and ergo-that and fashion styles that drew their inspiration from the boulevards of Paris or the amphibious assault on Saipan. If you've some old photographic magazines you can thumb through them and groan along with me. Rest assured, the staff in CE were subject to the same feelings as we saw some of them come in the door. Followed by a feeling of inexpressible relief when we saw them go out again. Note: Every puppy has a home and some of the bags that we shuddered at are the prize possessions of photographers all over Australia. When they wear out, some of the people are going to be desolate that they have gone out of production.They say it is the same with the Leyland P76... Well, anyway, Lowepro have decided to make a backpack for the mirror-less shooters that seems to combine nearly all the right decisions. It will not be the last bag designed, but it is a good one to look at right now. Sony, Fujifilm, Canon, and Olympus people please take note. The Lowepro m-Trekker BP 150 is a standard back pack with the emphasis upon body-side opening - the main flap is against your back as you move through crowds. There's an outer pocket and a top pouch for non-photographic items and the sort of side pockets for hiking supplies, but the expensive gear that you carry is safe from slash and grab raiders. If you are worried about sneak thieves stealing your lunch from that top pocket, why not pack a layer of really bad sandwiches - cheese and squid paste is a good choice - and just let nature take its course. In any case, the straps are comfortable, the back is padded, and the overall size is not too big - just right for a mirror-less outfit. All the zips look tough enough for decades of work, and the Can Vex covering is low-key and stylish enough to make it a city pack as well as a country one. I'm privately pleased and amused at the little card pouch - who remembers when the cards were 2 and 4 Gb sizes and we were glad to have that much capacity? Now you're lucky to get one image on that 32 Gb...