Africa At A Decent Distance With Canon

on July 09, 2012
Whenever I see photographs of animals done really well with really good equipment, I cannot help but think of the circumstances they were taken under. The insect and bird photographs are thins of beauty but the large animal ones are the ones that really rivet me. I can only imagine how difficult or dangerous it must be to approach the subjests.

This is shown fully in an article by Denis Glennon AO, who tours Africa with photo safaris. He has recently had an opportunity to use the new Canon 300mm f:2.8 L IS MkII lens and has written a detailed account of the lens with examples of animal shots. The article is very detailed - Mr. Glennon knows what he is about and has had a great deal of experience with the equipment and the subject. It would be superfluous to repeat his conclusions here as he explains his findings much more clearly in his own words.

I highly recommend that you look though the article at:

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In case you were wondering about the decent distance mentioned in the title - well, have a look at the lions and see if you don't agree that 300mm is a good idea...