Ah, So...

on January 15, 2014

Someone has left us a puzzle camera - see the heading image and the follow-ups. It is a Yashica film camera that looks like a video but isn't. I takes film that is still made - 35mm cassette

Aside: Owners of APS, 828, 126, 110, disc, 220, 116, and 616 cameras may wish to apply to this office for the address of the film format team at Kodak. We are heating the kettle of tar and can sell them sacks of feathers. Party time...

This Yashica is pretty advanced for the time. Auto focusing. Two-button zoom control. Inbuilt flash. Date and time imprinting on film. Side handle to suspend it from. The only thing missing is somewhere to put the batteries.

Try as we might, none of us could make anything open anywhere to take batteries. As there is no film advance lever, the whole thing is, is, is....frustrating.

Thank goodness for Google. Mystery solved - you take the dead camera to your photo dealer and his technician removes the side plate with tiny Phillips-head screwdriver and inserts a new flat button lithium battery. It is not left for you to do, because you might do it wrong...

Yashica Samurai - the legendary camera of the feudal warrior. Who doesn't own a screwdriver.