All Weather Fighter - Lowepro 300 AW II

on December 03, 2015

Odd as it may seem to modern travellers, they used to separate aircraft into types - daylight, nighttime, fine weather and bad weather. Presumably if you got caught in good weather while flying a bad-weather one all you got was hot - the other way around risked a cockpit full of water. Much the same thing with camera bags.

Lowepro have frequently had AW marked on their bags - All Weather. They have little pockets under the bags and an elasticised cover folded into it. Get caught in a shower - dive into the bag and cover it over. You get soaked but the camera survives.

This bag - the Photo Sport BP 300 AW II - is all weather all over - there are several zipped compartments with flaps folded over. You can choose your level of protection and how quickly you can get things into or out of it. And there are several fun features.

The entry to the camera compartment is on the side - you can reach in there while wearing the thing to fetch the camera out or stuff it back in when you are about to be doused.

Your spare clothing, food, and ammunition can go into the top sack with the drawstring and a flap over it. There's an open flap bin nearby.

The back surface is padded in the modern manner for ancient spines.

The most fun feature is the breast band - it has a small plastic whistle in it for attracting attention in the bush - or in a shopping centre, for that matter. It is loud and glorious and your inner child will revel in it. I should be careful using it too much in case your neighbours are armed. Do not put this bag on a nine-year-old or you will suffer.

Note: This is an all-weather bag. In New Zealand you can get all-wether bags.