An Eye In The European Sky

on February 12, 2017

If you have ever wanted to invade France but without having to join the German Army, now is your chance. You can do it with a camera, amongst friends, have a good time, and learn a great deal.

Eye In The Sky is a photographic company from Western Australia that is dedicated to providing photo tours of the Tarn region of southern France. Their current prospectus lists the next tour between April 28th and May 4th - when the spring should be making France into a landscape photographer's paradise.

The tours are run by Western Austalian Jon Davidson and his wife Jude, and this time you will have our favourite Rockingham photographer - Kingsley Klau - along to help your photo development.
The tour is packed with visits to ruins, monasteries, galleries, castles, chateaux, vineyards and restaurants. The thing is all-inclusive - you are not going to be shelling out Euros right, left, and center for transfers, meals and accommodation. It is the easy logistics approach to a wonderful time.

It's not just wonderful - it's useful. You'll get daily lessons as you travel from the professionals and learn the importance of Lightroom and Photoshop post production on your images.

But description without images is useless - the best way you can see the lay of the land and the sort of opportunities that you'll have is to go over to the website now and follow their planning links. It is a picture-rich site and well worth just ogling over.

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The tours are not crowded - there will be ten people as well as the photographer guides. That means time to learn, space to move, a chance to soak up the wonders of the Cathar country.