Art Paper? Wasn't He That Actor In The Mini-Series About Lavoisier...?

on December 01, 2014

No, he wasn't. It was his brother, Litmus*.

Moving right along, art paper is the stuff you use when you have an image that is better than you normally make...and you want to celebrate your success with something that looks good. The surfaces are finer - some with texture and some with tint - and you can choose ones that replicate canvas. there are even double sided papers.

We have a special on right now with some Promaster inkjet papers. They are a different size than the average DIN offering. The boxes are 81/2" x 11"...also known as US letterhead size.

They are particularly appropriate for images that replicate the older 8" x 10" or 4" x 5" film sizes. Of course you can set out your picture area just as you like with modern printers and programs, but many of you will prefer to leave clean margins around your images to make them stand out.

We can offer 15 sheets of dual-sided Soft Gloss for $ 26, 25 sheets of Ultra Premium Glossy for $ 12 and 25 sheets of Bright White Cotton paper for $ 20.

Go-on - try a change of size today.

* Chemical joke for a digital audience...