Ask Me Questions.

on September 03, 2015

But don't expect all the answers - if you need everything there is Google and the public library.

You can, however, have some answers - if you are prepared to wait. I need time to get to the computer and Google them..

Thus the state of photographic knowledge in 2015. The facts that are given and immutable - like the sun never shines up under our feet - are few and far between and even they can sometimes be challenged by the semantic quibblers. This is annoying and makes me feel all Anti-Semantic - a difficult position in my family. I have decided to go selectively deaf to many of these flights of argument and feel better for it.

The internet is a wonderful resource when you have too much time and/or intellect on your hands and want to waste some of it. You needn't resort to pictures of cats or naked ladies - there are innumerable sites dealing with photography that can sand the surface of your brain smooth. In some cases down to 1200 wet and dry and with a fine gloss.

Chief amongst these are the photography forums dealing with any of the manufacturers in the business. I do not know if there are fan-sites for water pumps or horse feed but if there are I'll bet they don't get to the level of acrimony that I have seen on some photo pages. People are passionate about being passionate and are not afraid to hit each other with literary rocks to prove it. I strongly suspect that most of the writers:

a. Have never taken pictures with the equipment under debate.
b. Have never handled the equipment under debate.
c. Have never taken pictures.
d. Are not fully dressed while typing away at their computer.*

With all the enquiries that people seek to make I generally advise them to come down to the shop and hold the item/device/advertising pamphlet/concept/old wad of chewing gum in their own hands and make their own decisions. Nothing that a manufacturer's advertising team or an anonymous poster on an internet group can say will be more powerful than your own judgement.

Not even my opinion...

* I am. I assure you.