Bag Day

on April 24, 2016

Today was slow in the cutting-edge-of-technology-game-changing-electronic-marvel-of-the-century-business. On the good side, so far no earthquakes. Taking advantage of this, I have balanced two bags on a studio seat and taken some pictures.

The first is an F-Stop case that is intended to compress a whole field assignment's equipment in one case - a case that you can heave into an overhead locker and not trust to the loading crew. It is labeled as the F-Stop Pro ICU Large.

Note that this really only applies if you are carrying out your assignment with a mirror-less system. Fujifilm, Olympus, Sony, Nikon, and Canon pros can take notice. The case will not hold big long wildlife lenses for full-frame DSLR but these come with their own cases and native porters anyway. Just remember that if you are compelling someone to haul your 2000mm f:2 lens up mountains and through deserts covered in thorn bushes, "Bwana" is not a term of endearment...

Coming away from that, I have decided to see what amount of mirror-less gear can go into this thing. Thus, I seem to have succeeded in fitting in 2 camera bodies, 4 lenses, a flash unit, an off-camera radio system, a card and battery case, a spare battery, an iPad and charger, a camera battery charger, and a hip flask full of Coruba rum. There is still space for a deck of marked cards and a Mars bar. And it is light enough not to attract attention shuffling down the aisle of the Boeing.

Note that with a change in emphasis and a little shuffling, one could pack one of the long Fujifilm or Olympus lenses into this bag easily.

Pretty good going for a rip-stop nylon case with infinitely variable compartments.

Second star is from Lowepro - the label says Viewpoint CS 40 and shows a picture of the bag holding a GoPro, control box, Joby Gorillapod stand and download cable. Fits in neatly.

I fitted a wideangle lens, extra battery, cable release and spare card. With a Fujifilm camera slung onto a Cullmann Concept One 622T tripod, all I should need would be a beach and a sunset. No hauling 45Kg of gear through the bush, thank you. As it has belt loops at the back, no hauling a shoulder sling either. My kind of webbing...