Bargain Alert - Dawn Patrol

on November 28, 2016

This is an extra late-night bonus weblog post for Tuesday, the 29th of November. The heading picture shows what was happening in the Stirling Street store this morning at about 11:00.

I recognise the activity. The staff are either setting out a stack of Cullmann tripods for a once-in-a-lifetime clearance sale or are constructing an anti-aircraft mounting for a Lewis gun. Given that this is one of centennial years of WW1 either conclusion is possible.

If you need a tripod for your DSLR or mirror-less camera at a bargain price, or would just like a shot at a passing Halberstadt you should repair to 230 Stirling Street early in the morning and get in while the getting is good.

I use a Concept 622T tripod with my Fujifilm outfits and it has been one of the best purchases of my digital career. I note there are some of them in the stack and also some of their heavier brothers. No idea what the prices are likely to be but they are going to go and the people they go to are going to be happy.