Brighten Up Your Friday

on July 24, 2014

It's Friday. Whether you plan to give your evening over to religion, family infighting, alcohol, or stamp collecting ( Or all four...that was a memorable occasion...) you can brighten the day at least with the purchase of a new camera*.

These just hit the sales counter two minutes ago. Olympus special editions for Special People. There are an orange one and a green one here and we are itching to put them on display.

You will not believe the straps that come with them. Think 1979 Partridge family and/or Boogey Nights. Groovy, baby.

The other confections are just fake display cameras that Pentax makes to show you some of the colour combinations you can get for the Q cameras. You pay em, they'll ship 'em. Make your own excuses down at the Harley Davison Club when they ask you to take a group picture...

All the above aside, the two cameras - in their own weight divisions - punch pretty well. the Olympus can do magnificent pictures up to A3+ size and the Pentax can do and A4 superbly. I know - I've taken images with both types of camera and printed them out on the Epson R3000 and I know.

Now if Epson would just issue a special edition R3000...something in mink and rhinestones. Like a Hollywood fairytale. Some day my prints will come..

* Well, it will brighten our day.