Brodie Butler Passes Judgement!

on July 09, 2015

It's not as bad as it sounds - he hasn't put on the black cap and the solemn fact the news he has to impart to the prisoners is all good...

Brodie recently gave a dynamite lecture on the subject of the new Canon EOS 5Ds and 5D Sr cameras at the Oxford Hotel. As part of the festivities, Canon Australia, Fitzgerald Photo laboratory, and Camera Electronic put up a little contest for the photographers who attended.

They were to submit pictures involving Canon products. Brodie was to be judge.

The entries were so good that Brodie finally had to give it as a spilt decision and award two prizes. They go to:

Hyrom Jones
Brad Miskiewicz

They both get a big 'ol print voucher from Fitgerald's, and $ 375 worth of Canon gear rental from us. Good images coming...

And for all who entered the contest , they can come in to see our service team for a free sensor clean - courtesy of Canon CPS and us.