Calling All Girls - Fuji Instax In Stocks

on July 14, 2014

Stop wincing. It's actually a charming little camera. If you've got daughters or grand-daughters they would love one. And Christmas is only 6 months away. And it's only 99 bucks!

The Fujifilm Instax cameras produce a credit-card size instant picture in 90 seconds. Just like the old Pola...d cameras. But with nicer colours. And a lot more automation than we had in the 60's and 70's.

This version is in pastels - pink, yellow, blue, white...and black as well if your daughter is a Goth. They run on Instax 10-pack films and a couple of AA batteries. They are slickly designed and work well.

Surprisingly they have an adjustable aperture for different light conditions, and have also included a high-key option for the arty types. There's an in-built flash for indoors shots and an AF system.

If you're into higher-tech instant there is also a big black and silver version but these are the ones that will come out at parties and school. Buy some extra film too, and make yourself popular.