Camera Electronic Endorse New Camera From Flapoflex

on April 25, 2017
The biggest news this season is the industry-shaking announcement of the team-up of Camera Electronic with Flapoflex Corporation...and the introduction of the Flapoflex Mini camera.
Here are the first images of the camera after it was handed out by Howard Frank. Let us walk you through the features: 1. Pure non-digital operation. Sharp eyes will spot the film rapid rewind crank and fast-wind lever. No more worries about charging batteries and corrupting memory cards with the Flapoflex. 2. Solid-state viewfinder system. We have not seen a viewfinder window this solid in years.
3. Compact dimensions. Micro 4/3, eat your heart out...
4. Helpful permanent branding on the lens cap and body. 5. Permanent lens cap. never lose it again.
6. Flash-free pentaprism. 7. Patented DeepSqueeze padding on all grippable surfaces. No finger strain. 8. Fashionable white/black/grey colours. When people ask you what the Flapoflex Mini can do, we respond with " What can't it do? " While they are answering this we make a run for it. Flapoflex did...