Carton Special Of Ilford paper

on October 06, 2014

"Tis a far, far better paper I buy - and a far, far better print I will be making - than I have ever known..."

Okay, Sydney, we'll take your word for it. Off you go up the stairs. Don't forget to take your carton of Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Pearl A4 paper with you.

It will contain 4 boxes of 100 sheets each - that's 400 perfect sheets of paper for your inkjet printer and you'll get it for $ $ 290. Revolutionary!

As this paper is normally sold at $ 85 per 100-sheet box, that will be a saving of $ 50.
You'll be making a Dickens of a saving there...there will be enough paper to print everywhere - even in two cities, if you want to...

Mind you, be sensible. No need to lose your head. We've got plenty of paper.