Chelsea Is More Than Just A Suburb - Welcome The Ona Chelsea Bag

on December 21, 2015

Bag time again, and the gentlemen may adjourn to the vestibule with their cigars. I wish to address the ladies.

Ladies, the Ona company has not stopped at one design for your camera bag. You saw their Capri model in tan cognac-coloured leather a little while ago in this column. This week it is the Chelsea model in a fine cross-grain leather.

The colour is similar but the design quite different - this bag features an arch design that keeps the internal volume open - even when the equipment is out of the bag. The lining inside is half and half - one side soft velour for camera protection and one side smooth polished cloth for regular handbag items you may choose to carry. The signature leather edging for the small pockets is still provided.

It would appear that this bag is not primarily designed to carry a computer or tablet though small ones could slot in. It is for cameras and fashion. The same handle provision exists and I note that this bag has a very attractive leather shoulder strap provided with top-quality metal fittings.

Not cheap, but then good leather luggage and personal bags never are cheap - not if you want them to look good for years to come. And the Ona will certainly do that.