Classic Chrome Comes Back - With The New Fujifilm Camera

on November 17, 2014

I have been cautioned to be careful how I write about the Classic Chrome setting in the new Fujifilm X 100t camera. Something about not mentioning a company that used to make a colour transparency film with a name that ended in "chrome" but have ceased making it...while still employing a number of patent lawyers who might be looking out for something to occupy the winter months...

Okay. I won't mention them. I'll mention a firm that STILL makes colour slide film with a name that ends in "chrome" - Fujifilm. You can get fresh, cold rolls of Velvia and Provia any time you want from our film fridge. And I can assure you that they are indeed "classics".

Back to the new camera. This post has two pictures taken with the new camera set to "Velvia" and "Classic Chrome". The CC is obviously less saturated than the V but then one would expect that. There are deeper tones in the shadows. It does indeed look a lot like something I have been warned not to talk about from a company that may still have the lawyers on speed dial - I know because I have a large collection of colour transparencies that may or may not have been made by this mystery company in the 1950's and 1960's...allegedly...and I know what it looks like.

Apart from all this chromatic mystery, I must commend the Fujifilm company for making the new X 100t so easy to use in the macro mode. I am used to firing my X 100 at close-up subjects but this new version is much faster focusing and a lot easier to set up. I would thoroughly recommend it for the wildflowerists amongst us - a perfect fill flash answer for belting around the bush bothering the begonias and beetles.