Classic Chrome In The Sunshine

on September 06, 2015

The Fujifilm Classic Chrome setting for their X-T1, X-T10, X-1oot and X-E2 cameras is something inside them that makes jpeg images look like a slide film that was first developed in upstate New York in the 1930's and later modified to have more colour fidelity and higher ASA. The resemblance is uncanny - I cannot help but think that the electronics wizards at Fujifilm may have done it deliberately....Ahem....

All that said, it works. The images on this post were taken at St. Patrick's school ground for the Father's Day hot rod show yesterday. They were shot in medium jpeg, fine setting , and with the CC turned on. At the same time, a duplicate set of files in RAW setting were taken, as detailed in the Friday post. I'm delighted to say that the jpegs so well fulfil my concept that the RAW files were ditched as soon as the computer processing was done.

If you detect a slight blue bias to the shadow areas and bouncing off the chrome of the cars, you can attribute that to the bright blue sky of Fremantle. It was part of the day, so it stays. The school ground is also blue - it's not your eyes...

Note for car show attendees - the sausage sizzle stall at St. Pat's is always worth a go. Their $ 5.00 hamburgers were better than any commercial product in town. there was also a coffee van in attendance, though not my personal favourite - Craig Maugher and the Bootlegger Coffee yellow pickup. Look out for it at the shows.