Click West First News

on June 04, 2014

This will seem a rather bare post today - it is the first news of the winners of the Canon WAPF Click West competition that was displayed and announced last night at La Premiere cinema in the Carousel shopping center.

Congratulations to the winners who will be sharing a considerable prize pool. This is just a list, but we recommend that you go to visit the website and go into the section shows the entries and the final choices. They are ALL great photographs and it will do you good to see them.


Landscape Category

1 st. Jordan Cantelo
2 nd. Ashley Pearce
3 rd. Tony Segers

Portrait Category

1 st. Kirk Norman
2 nd. Chris Barry
3 rd. Julie Holland

Mono Category

1 st. Shirley Milburn
2 nd. Katrina Bartley
3 rd. Tony Segers

Macro Category

1 st. Katrina Bartley
2 nd. Katrina Bartley
3 rd. Cindy Buchan

Portfolio Category

1 st. Katrina Bartley
2 nd. Tony Segers
3 rd. Shirley Milburn

We hope the prize winners will thoroughly enjoy their winnings and that more people will be encouraged to participate in this worthy WAPF club venture next year. The website is already counting down the days and hours until the next event...