Clicking In A Westerly Direction

on May 25, 2015

I can remember a night out at the movies used to include coloured slides flashed on the screen to advertise local businesses - it also had watery orange cordial and ice cream bombs that cost less than the price of a moderate-sized family home. Those days have gone...

What excites me now is the prospect of next week - the 3rd of June at the La Premiere Cinema at Carousel. That'll be the venue yet again for the WAPF's presentation of the Canon Click West competition.

They've been busy, the judges - considering the entries from camera club members all over the state. They have been looking in 4 various categories and sorting through portfolios that photographers have submitted to them. The rules for submission meant that there were entires into different forms of photography but as they were put to the contest in digital form it will all have gone swimmingly.

I note that this year they have also added a prize for first-time entrants.

Prizes? Well, there is a prize pool for this contest of some $ 22,000. that's big money in equipment, services, trips, and other things. Well worth the time of those club photographers who submitted their work. They have probably been sitting on tenterhooks this month - the cut-off date for submissions was the start of May.

They'll be showing the entries on the big screen at La Premiere next Wednesday - if you are interested in seeing what will be, go to the Click West website of the WAPF and follow their directions for booking.

In the meantime, we here at Camera Electronic will be packing showbags for the night.
There will be goodies in there from a number of sponsors and something interesting for every show-goer. Unfortunately the Customs Department seized the fireworks and flick-knives I was originally going to give out, but I'll will find something else.

Uncle Dick