Coffee Rod

on February 25, 2015

Life at 230 Stirling Street has highlights. One of them occurred yesterday when we had a visit from a coffee-filled hot rod truck. That is a wonderful combination of words, particularly considering the management here bought us all a free brew.

Bootlegger Coffee Company in under the charge of Craig Maurer who refers to himself as the head bootician. We are inclined to agree. He is either a hero or a madman to be out on a hot day under the full sun in an airless carpark boiling coffee.

The truck is a classic 50's Ford pickup - brought in from North America, as the LHD steering position would indicate. The coffee fit-out in the back makes it an entirely different kettle of caffeine from what it might have been in 1955.

It also has all the classic attributes we love - wild paint job, pinstriping, chrome hubcaps and beauty rings. Plus a custom plate.

Note, as well, the accessories in the front bench seat. I don't know if this would get him the best of show at the Hot Rod Spectacular, but it is bound to appeal to the crowd.

He'll be brewing and boiling at Lilac Hill Park in Guildford this Saturday from 3:00 to 10:00 along with the retro markets, rockabillies, and hot rods at the HOT SUMMER NIGHT event.

I'll be standing in line - it really was good coffee.