Controversy regarding Peter Coulson image

on October 21, 2010
To our friends/fans/followers and the masses, those who love/like us and those who don't.

Please take the time to read what I have to say and feel free to comment as Eva said, I invite the discussion.

This image/flyer was prepared in Melbourne by C.R.Kennedy the importers of Hasselblad and Bowens, who we have done business with for over forty years, (myself personally for 16 years). Peter Coulson had 4 images that won him the title of Canon AIPP Photographer of the year 2010.

There has been 4 invites prepared to go out four times and this was the first. The image chosen to be the first one going out was chosen by the head of CRK's advertising dept who is a woman, and has been with CRK for over 20 years and is a respected member of the CRK team.

Further background I would like people to know, is that this was a paid commercial job by comany Raven shoes, which they loved and used in their business. There is a further story about the image and even a shot with a profile of a woman with head in toilet (throwing up) after a long day at the races and naked but still in her fancy shoes. This image and other images of Peter's were in a four page story in the current issue of Prophoto magazine ( I have the story in pdf if anyone wishes to read it and I am more than happy to send it to them if they email or call me.

None of this excuses the fact that we should have thought - "will this image offend anyone?" before sending it out. We had a flyer prepared by one of our suppliers, they asked us to forward it on and we did so. To protect our client base from receiving unwanted emails, we put our address on as the RSVP instead of CRK so it stayed with us.

The truth is this is a CRK event which we are proud to support as CRK have been supporting the Australian photographic indusrty for over forty years. Both CE and CRK sponsor many photographic events/workshops. Also this is a FREE event that only requires a RSVP (no entry without).

Please understand that there is often more behind an image than shown. Art directors, the company that commissions the work all play a part in the completion of an image.

Camera Electronic are not here to censor anyone's work and the fact that AIPP awarded this imagery is for them to comment and I will be asking them to do so, sometimes you have to give people the chance to comment rather than immediatley comment on how this is another good reason to avoid them.

I would like to apologise for any offence that may have occurred from the recent flyer/invite on our social media. We appreciate this image may have touched on some sensitivities. At times we can also be de-sensitized to images as there are so many we see every day, so please understand that we will continue to support this event as we see it to be beneficial to the photographic industry however recognizing the concerns that some have with the previous flyer we have removed it and will re-post another image supporting this event.