Day 2 - Pro Graphics - Screen It Like You Mean It!

on December 09, 2015

Thursday of the 2-Day sale concentrates on the Screens of Our Lives...the monitors that show us the images our cameras take.

Camera Electronics sells only the best - EIZO - and there are at least five of the darn things on the Thursday special advertisement. They carry some healthy cash-backs from the manufacturers to further reduce the price. All the more reason to finally do what you know is going to make your images look and print better.

BTW, there are also smaller items on screaming specials - Colormunki and Spyder Elite 5 screen calibrators, for instance. And the bargain of the day - the Datacolor Spydercheckr 24 small colour chart.

If you are currently editing your pictures on a 1965 Astor television salvaged from the tip, please come in and see the EIZOs and the ancillary equipment. We can promise you a better view of the world.