Decisions...Decisions...The Fujifilm Fan In Agony

on November 30, 2015

Well, it's sort of pleasant angst, after all.

I own a number of Fujifilm X-series cameras and not surprisingly, a number of Fujinon XF lenses to go on them. I have tried to select the ones that have the correct focal length for the work I do and up until now I have never considered the actual look of the lenses - just their optical characteristics. Then Fujifilm threw me a curve ball - they introduced a lens that looks gorgeous.

It is the new Fujinon 35mm XF f:2 WR this case in as silver colour to match the silver bodies of the X-E1 and X-E2 and the X-T10. Of course it is entirely suitable in fit for the X-T1 and the X-Pro1 but the silver colour is closest to that of the three bodies first named - and it is all about good looks.

Don't snort. That's one of the factors that influences a lot of camera and lens sales, even if the purchasers do not acknowledge it. Good design is one thing - good looks is another. People are drawn to pretty things.

Well, this is pretty. And pretty good, too, as it happens. I clapped it onto the editorial X-T10 ( in silver...) and took it outside the shop door. In large jpeg - because my Silkypix Developer Studio Pro 6E doesn't decode the X-T10 yet from RAF files - the image is very good. No CA at the corners or in the tree branches at all. Yay!.

Fast on the focus - no hunting. No front element movement. Aperture stops with a clean and clear feel. And a "Just Right" balance with the X-T10 - some of the other lenses in my stable are a little nose-heavy with this little camera.

Note from the rear view that it has the WR rubber gasket for water resistance. Not an exact match for the X-T10 as the body does not have the extensive water sealing of the Fujifilm X-T1, but it does suggest a wonderful thought; put it on the silver X-T10 and never take it off and never have to clean the sensor again...

With this lens the camera is wonderfully reminiscent in shape of the 35mm SLR cameras that were sold in the 60's as package deals with one standard lens fixed on the front. You can set this to reproduce a famous slide film by setting it to Classic Chrome and I reckon all we need to find now is a brown leather ever-ready case for it to have an instant time machine.

Oh, you were wondering about the angst? Well I already have a 35mm f:1.4 Fujinon lens that is the sharpest thing out of the box. So strictly speaking I really don't need the new one. But the new one is soooo pretty...

Note: It also comes in black, as do all the other Fujifilm X-series lenses and cameras. So you can be professional.