Don't Get the Stink Eye - Get a Hoodman Hood Eye

on August 03, 2016

Sorry, headline opportunities like that come up rarely and we are all human...

For years we've been selling Hoodman accessory products for cameras - viewing loupes, LCD shades, computer screen shields, etc. They make a fantastic video rig that lets you put a loupe on the back of your DSLR or mirror-less camera with an ease, precision, and low price that is really not matched by anyone else in the video game.

And they make the HoodEYE range. these are eyecups that attach to the viewfinders of modern cameras to exclude external light and let the photographer see the screen clearly as they shoot. This is particularly important for us, here, now, for two reasons:

1. We live in a state that has some pretty fierce sunshine and we get it fresh off the truck since we have clear atmosphere.

2. The camera screens that we see in the viewfinder have ever more information on them that we want to know as the shoot - it's gone way past the old micro prism circle and a red needle moving up and down. The modern finder may have up to 12 settings displayed at any one time and we need to see them clearly.

Enter the HoodEye. They slide and clip onto the rails beside the viewfinder aperture and lock into place. The extended cup goes around your eye socket and stops side light from striking in. Your eye relaxes and gets to concentrate on the scene the finder.

Note: Hoodman also make some models of HoodEYE to suit us spectacle-wearers. Bigger port, bigger rubber.

This model is new- they now make them to suit the Sony mirror-less camera - all the A7 series of eyepieces - and Ricky, our resident Sony expert - thinks they may also be applicable to some of he smaller DSLR series that Sony make as well. The cup allows the eye-recognition switch of the Sony to function as per normal. Of course you can also switch the rubber cup from right to left if that is your preferred shooting eye.

Small investment - big return. Available on-line or in or store right now.