Don't You Never let A Chance Go By

on January 19, 2014

Was that John Williams and the Newcastle Song? Or Arlo Guthrie? Whatever, it is a good motto for the active photographer. Whether it is a chance to cover the landing of the Hindenburg at Mandurah ( " Oh, the Boganity...") or invent a totally new image genre that will make you millions*, you need to seize upon everything. This also includes seizing on all the extra things that come in the package, whatever the equipment.

Once you have the hoard you need somewhere to store it - quite apart from the linen press that is full of photographic equipment boxes that you are keeping until you trade the cameras and lenses back in. Yes, I know. Keep the sheets and pillow cases in the shed.

Here is our answer to the little bits that we use to solve the stranger problems of the trade - the ubiquitous* plastic box. Howard's World or Bunnings or Woolworth's are the deal - IKEA probably has them but when you go there you end up coming back with wooden toys and hot dogs as well.

All joking aside - if you have a spare bit from your camera outfit or some weird casting that Novoflex made in 1961, keep it. You can never tell when it can be combined with something else to do what you need. Store it in the tray and sit down and think whenever some problem occurs. If nothing else, you can at least make a new problem out of the old bits...

*Until you find out that it was done in 1923 and it was Reichsmarks...