Eyes Wide Open In Tuart Hill

on July 21, 2014

Did goe to the WA Camera Club meeting to judge pictures last night and was greatley entertained.

And did learne something of consequence, as well.

The club sends out their entries in the projected section of their competition a few days prior to the meeting to let the judge see them and to make notes. This I duly did, propped in front of the old email PC at home with a cuppa. I decided the winners and merits on appearance...with no reference to the titles of the images, as is my preference. ( I feel that photography competitions should be looking contests rather than reading contests. )

Then I took my running sheets to the meeting. The images were projected up on a large white wall with a pretty powerful lamp. And they showed up the inadequacy of my home screen. I made a hurried revision to a couple of placings there in the dark before I was asked to report my opinion - it had changed when I saw the images clearly.

Had I been looking at home on an EIZO screen I would not have been in that position. It would have shown even and well-lit versions of the files and I could have confidently gone with my initial judgement. Even doing them on my iMac in my old darkroom would have been better - there would have been less visual distraction from screen bounce.

The average PC is fine for emails, Facebook, and pictures of Grumpy Cat, but nothing doing for fine judgement or good editing.

Lesson learned. Opens EIZO page on computer and starts to read...