Fast Report - New Go Pro Here

on July 15, 2015

Pardon the poor pack shots - didn't want to open one up for the illustrations.

The new Go Pro Hero 4 Session cameras are here in stock.

Action-cam people will know more about this than I - I'm a non-action cam person - but it looks from the outside that the shape of the device has been somewhat changed.

It is smaller, sleeker, with rounded angles to the external housing . It is more of a cube shape.

The mounts and items included in the package seem to be the same size and type as for previous models - if you already have a special rig set up on your helmet, bike, or car, then this should just bolt straight in.

1080p 60fps and 720p 100fps are stated on the box. 8 megapixel at 10fps burst rate. wireless and bluetooth operation.

This may be a useful variation for those people who are going to be subject to intrusive water pressures or flailing foliage or other mechanical influences. If you are going to ride your Honda off the top of a cliff you are still going to encounter the planet at the bottom of the landscape but short of that it may be an improvement.

Note: It is still not recommended for endoscopy.